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Illinois Soybean Association announces summer field talks

Illinois Soybean Association announces summer field talks

By Andi Anderson

The Illinois Soybean Association is gearing up for an educational and interactive summer with the announcement of their upcoming Field Talks. These events are designed to cater to the specific needs and challenges faced by soybean farmers across Illinois.

According to Stephanie Porter, an outreach agronomist with the association, the focus of these gatherings will be on adapting to the economic pressures of lower commodity prices and introducing the latest advancements in soybean production.

"We’ve planned three half-day Field Talks and one Tailgate Talk to deliver the latest agronomic information and advice," Porter stated.

The talks aim to provide a platform where farmers can gain firsthand experience with new technologies and methods through practical demonstrations.

These have been made possible through strategic partnerships with local community colleges and organizations like the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association.

Porter emphasized the value of these events as a response to direct feedback from local farmers. "This is something that our soybean growers have requested; they have asked us in our year-end surveys for more hands-on, demonstration-type field days," she explained.

The intent is to make each event meaningful by focusing on quality interactions and learning opportunities.

The Illinois Soybean Association encourages all attending growers to come prepared with questions, promising a conversational and engaging environment.

These Field Talks not only serve as a learning hub but also as an excellent opportunity for networking among peers and industry experts, fostering a community of informed and interconnected growers ready to tackle the challenges of modern agriculture.

Photo Credit: illinois-soybean-association

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