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Buffett's bold vision for no-till farming

Buffett's bold vision for no-till farming

By Andi Anderson

In an engaging online event hosted by No-Till Farmer, Howard G. Buffett revisits his pivotal role in promoting no-till and conservation-based agricultural practices globally.

This webinar features a replay of Buffett’s enlightening session from the 32nd Annual National No-Tillage Conference, marking his significant return since a memorable speech in 2010.

Howard G. Buffett, chairman and CEO of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and son of renowned investor Warren Buffett, has been a fervent advocate for no-till farming—a method that minimizes soil disruption and promotes environmental sustainability.

Managing a 1,500-acre farm in Illinois and a 400-acre farm in Nebraska, Buffett also oversees extensive research farms across the U.S., aiming to advance sustainable agriculture.

During the webinar, Buffett shares his extensive experiences and the critical lessons learned from implementing no-till practices across the globe. He delves into the challenges and successes of promoting these practices, particularly highlighting the significant support his foundation has provided to Ukrainian farmers amid ongoing conflicts.

Since the full-scale invasion by Russia in early 2022, the Howard G. Buffet Foundation has invested half a billion dollars to support Ukrainian agriculture, emphasizing the necessity of conservation practices in the country’s post-war recovery.

Key points discussed include the intricate relationship between food security and global conflicts and how individuals can contribute to a more food-secure world through sustainable agricultural practices.

Buffett’s approach illustrates a clear vision: by adopting no-till and conservation methods, farmers worldwide can enhance productivity while preserving essential natural resources.

To view the webinar and gain deeper insights into Buffett’s strategies and their global implications, visit the official No-Till Farmer website at this link.

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