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Beef ads beef up profits

Beef ads beef up profits

By Andi Anderson

The Illinois Beef Association (IBA) has successfully harnessed the power of digital advertising to boost beef sales, demonstrating the potential of targeted ads in the agricultural sector.

Partnering with Sam's Club stores in the Greater Chicago area, the IBA utilized funds from the beef checkoff program to engage consumers directly through their mobile apps.

Tri-County Cattlemen's Thad Tharp explained the strategy behind the campaign, which focused on popular beef products such as ribeyes, New York strips, and 90/10 ground beef. "So, every time a person would be because, like we were talking on apps earlier when you’re walking through Sam’s Club, you can check yourself out as you’re filling your cart.

So, when these folks had their phone out and were scanning barcodes, the app can push an advertisement to that consumer while they’re walking through the grocery store,” Tharp said.

This innovative approach to advertising leverages the moment when consumers are most likely to make purchase decisions, directly influencing buying behavior by presenting timely and relevant ads.

The results of this campaign were exceptionally positive, with Tharp reporting that for every dollar of ad spend, the IBA saw a $128 return in additional beef sales.

The success of this campaign highlights the effectiveness of using technology and targeted advertising within the agricultural industry.

By reaching consumers directly on their smartphones as they shop, the IBA was able to significantly enhance the visibility of their products and stimulate increased sales.

This case study underscores the potential of digital marketing strategies in traditional industries like agriculture, showing how modern tools can be adapted to meet the needs of farmers and associations looking to expand their market reach and improve their return on investment.

As the IBA continues to explore and refine its marketing strategies, this successful campaign serves as a blueprint for other agricultural organizations aiming to capitalize on the digital landscape to boost their products and engage with consumers more effectively.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-sstajic

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