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Innovate and grow - agronomy days in Illinois

Innovate and grow - agronomy days in Illinois

By Andi Anderson

This summer, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is a hub for agricultural innovation as it hosts a series of Agronomy Days.

These events, organized by the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES), are designed to educate and update Illinois farmers on the latest advancements in crop sciences.

Nick Seiter, an Assistant Professor and Faculty Extension Specialist, kicked off the season with a successful small grains field day in May.

"We’re off to a great start this summer," Seiter said, expressing enthusiasm for the full calendar of events scheduled through August.

One of the highlights includes the Weed Science Field Research Tour on June 26 at the Clem Farm in Champaign.

Starting at 8 a.m., this tour offers farmers a chance to learn about effective weed control strategies in corn and soybean fields, including demonstrations of herbicides not yet available to the public.

The event, costing $10, includes a box lunch and provides attendees with 2 hours of CCA credit in the IPM category.July features several more field days across the state.

The Orr Agricultural Center in Baylis, the Monmouth Research Center, and the Ewing location each host events focusing on different aspects of agronomy. The calendar details for these days will be updated as the events approach.

A unique event on July 22, sponsored by the Center for Research on Programmable Plant Systems (CROPPS), features the CornBox—a "sandbox" for testing digital agriculture innovations like genetics, sensors, and computing in an actual cornfield setting.

This $25 million multi-institution project aims to enhance the sustainability of corn production using cutting-edge technology.

Seiter encourages the agricultural community to stay engaged throughout the season.

"We can’t wait to connect with more farmers this summer," he said, inviting participants to keep checking the calendar for new additions and event details.

These Agronomy Days offer practical knowledge and foster a deeper understanding of sustainable agricultural practices, promising a beneficial experience for all attendees.

Photo Credit: illinois-state-university

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