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Illinois grants spark growth in school journalism

Illinois grants spark growth in school journalism

By Andi Anderson

In a significant boost to high school journalism across Illinois, the Illinois Farm Bureau and the Illinois Press Foundation have awarded grants totaling more than $22,000 to 16 schools.

This initiative, part of the Illinois High School Journalism Grants Program, aims to provide essential resources for budding journalists.

Jeff Rogers, the Executive Director of the Illinois Press Foundation, emphasized the dynamic nature of journalism that schools are adapting to. "Journalists do everything these days. There are few specialists. And journalists at the high school level are writing, editing, shooting photos and videos, producing newspapers, running websites, doing broadcast pieces. They’re doing a lot of everything,” Rogers stated.

This reflects the evolving educational needs as journalism expands into new formats and mediums.

The grants will be used for various purposes including purchasing laptops, cameras, broadcasting equipment, and other essentials needed to run modern journalism programs.

Schools will also use the funds to cover costs such as newspaper printing and website hosting fees.

The equipment and resources funded by these grants are expected to significantly enhance the educational experiences of students, preparing them for future careers in journalism.

Matt Wettersten, Executive Director of marketing news and communications at Illinois Farm Bureau, shared his enthusiasm for the growing interest in the program.

“We had more applicants this year than we have had in any year of our affiliation with the program. That tells us two things. The need for financial assistance is real. But also, the interest in our grant program, and in journalism at the high school level, is growing. We’re proud to help in that way,” he said.

Each recipient school will receive their grant checks during on-site visits in August and September, marking a continued commitment to supporting educational endeavors that foster a vibrant and informed community through journalism.

By investing in the next generation of journalists, the Illinois Farm Bureau and the Illinois Press Foundation are enhancing educational opportunities and ensuring that the fundamental principles of free expression and informed reporting continue to thrive from the classroom to the newsroom.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-lisegagne

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