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Illinois farm credit distributes $40M to members

Illinois farm credit distributes $40M to members

By Andi Anderson

This week, nearly 8,000 borrowers of Farm Credit Illinois are receiving a significant financial boost, as the cooperative begins its distribution of $40 million in cash patronage.

This marks the sixth consecutive year that Farm Credit Illinois has provided such distributions, totaling $206 million since 2019.

The decision to distribute these funds was made by the board of directors in January, following a thorough review of the cooperative's financial performance at the end of 2023.

The distribution is calculated based on the business each loan brought to the cooperative last year.

Payments started reaching members from Monday, underlining the cooperative's efficient management and commitment to its borrowers.

"Patronage is a tangible tribute to the diligent work and disciplined management our member-borrowers practice, especially during times of volatility and unpredictable economic challenges," said Aaron Johnson, President and CEO of Farm Credit.

His statement highlights the core philosophy behind the patronage distribution—rewarding the hard work and resilience of its members.

Johnson further adds, "This week celebrates the value of cooperative membership and demonstrates FCI's mission of helping farm families succeed."

This sentiment underscores the dual benefit of such distributions, which not only provide financial relief but also reinforce the value of being part of a cooperative.

The patronage distribution by Farm Credit Illinois reflects its strong financial health and acts as a significant support mechanism for its members, particularly in challenging economic times.

This practice of returning a portion of the cooperative's profits to its members illustrates a key advantage of cooperative financial institutions—demonstrating their commitment to supporting their community’s growth and success.

This initiative ensures that the financial success of the cooperative directly translates into success for the members it serves.

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