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Frey Farms Wins Illinois Leopold Conservation Honor

Frey Farms Wins Illinois Leopold Conservation Honor

Frey Family’s Commitment to Conservation -

Located in Dahlgren, Illinois, Frey Family Farms has come a long way since its inception in 1975.

Their dedication to soil preservation and sustainable farming has garnered them the prestigious Illinois Leopold Conservation Award, a testament to their outstanding contributions in the realm of voluntary conservation.

Conservation Achievements briefly -

• Evolution Over Time: The farm, which began with modest efforts to control soil and water erosion, has adopted sophisticated techniques over the years. These practices have significantly reduced soil erosion and enhanced water quality.

• Technological Integration: The Freys are leveraging advanced technology to enhance productivity. Implementing variable rates of fertilizer application and grid soil testing showcases their commitment to merging innovation with sustainability.

• Biodiversity Enhancement: Approximately 240 acres of their farmland are devoted to the Conservation Reserve Program, fostering native prairie grasses and wildflowers. This not only improves soil health but also creates habitats for a range of wildlife.

Legacy and Impact -

Brock Holston, their son-in-law, is all set to carry forward the Freys’ legacy. Incorporating his passion for hunting and fishing into the farm’s conservation blueprint, the farm now boasts food plots, wetlands, and ponds, further enriching the ecosystem.

The Freys believe in sharing their knowledge with the community. They've welcomed visitors from all over the world, ranging from local students to international agricultural enthusiasts, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices.

In Praise of Frey Farms -

Leaders from notable agricultural bodies, including IL Corn and the Illinois Soybean Association, have lauded the Frey family's commitment to trailblazing conservation efforts, underscoring the significance of sustainable farming for the future.

The story of Frey Family Farms is more than just about farming; it's about the stewardship of the land, passing on a legacy of conservation, and setting a gold standard for eco-friendly agriculture. The Illinois Leopold Conservation Award is a fitting acknowledgment of their pioneering spirit.


Photo Credit: istock-dorin-s

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