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Corn Growers Association Texts for Change
Illinois Ag Connection - 09/26/2023

The Corn Growers Association is a state-based organization that represents the interests of corn farmers in Illinois. As a grassroots advocacy group, they use text messaging to engage their members and advocates on important issues.

The Corn Growers Association only uses their text alert platform for the highest priority issues. In 2022, they only sent six calls to action. This ensures that their advocates are only receiving the most vital requests.

When an important issue is up for vote, or a docket is opened for comments, the Corn Growers Association summarizes the issue and provides a link to more information. They also draft a narrative that is applicable to their advocates' agricultural circumstances. In some cases, they even offer a step-by-step question and answer scenario to make it easy for their advocates to submit their comments.

The Corn Growers Association takes privacy and security very seriously. They never share personal contact information outside of their organization and they honor all "opt out" requests.

Here are some best practices for writing a text message to your elected officials:

• Personalize it. A more personalized message is considered "more valuable" than a canned message. State your name, town, and a bit about your farm or business in the first couple sentences of the message.

• Be specific. State the issue you are writing about and what action you would like your elected official to take.

• Be polite and respectful. Remember that you are communicating with a professional.

The Corn Growers Association has seen the impact of their text messaging advocacy firsthand. They have experienced Congressmen and Senators who take direct quotes from their messaging to committee meetings or debates on the floor. On occasion, elected officials will even reach out to constituents to thank them for sharing their experiences and position with them.

The Corn Growers Association is honored to assist in this process of citizens exercising their rights and politicians their privileges.

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