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Poll: People Not Just Facing Age, But Embracing It
Illinois Ag Connection - 07/07/2020

A recent poll conducted by Silver Disobedience Inc. recorded over 100,000 responses from people about age, attitudes and lifestyles in 2020.

Over a four-day period via Instagram stories, these respondents -- 91 percent of whom were over age 35 and 69 percent were between ages 45 and 64 -- revealed fascinating insights into how this significant segment of society views themselves, their futures and their portrayals in the media including:

- People Are Positive About Aging and "Anti-Aging" Doesn't Resonate with the Majority

Sixty-nine percent (69%) have a "pro-aging" attitude whereas only 31 percent identify with "anti-aging" messages.

- This Might Be the Best Age Yet, As Older Adults Are Wiser and More Confident

Eighty-five percent (85%) of the participants do not define themselves by age, with over 90 percent believing their attitudes are younger than those of past generations, confirming that age is most reflected as an attitude towards living, not a number reached.

Approximately 80 percent describe themselves as active, are optimistic about their futures, and say they are more confident than 10 years ago -- and a majority (59 percent) feel like they are in their prime.

While 87 percent of the respondents are open to sharing their age, 77 percent believe this is to their detriment. Eighty-four percent (84%) believe ageism does exist today with 78 percent of older women being negatively stereotyped and 31 percent of men getting the same adverse treatment.

- Media and Advertisers Should Pay Attention

The majority of respondents (63 percent) feel ignored by various print media, yet 87 percent of respondents prefer print news sources, with 66 percent still reading print magazines. Only approximately 15 percent of the respondents believe that people age 50 plus are accurately reflected in advertisements, films and TV -- and 93 percent believe these mediums do not portray men and women equally, as it relates to aging.

"There is a daily battle with societal perspectives on what aging really means to those who feel more confident and more relevant than ever before. With 95 percent of the respondents firmly voicing that they would place greater value on the brands that understand them, the smartest brands know that the message must change and assumptions about the older demographic should be thrown out the window," says Dian Griesel, Founder of Silver Disobedience Inc., a media company that publishes daily, inspirational content on living and loving agelessly and partners with brands that share this philosophy.

- Respondents Feel Financially Secure, Still Earning Income and Enjoying Leisure Time

Respondents, well over half still working (63 percent), feel financially secure, with 70 percent more focused on staying healthy than worrying about finances. Seventy-two percent (72%) believe that it is never too late to start a new career.

When it comes to spending, 64 percent strongly prefer the brick and mortar stores, although 52 percent would buy products that they see mentioned favorably on Instagram or Facebook. In addition to shopping, travel and entertainment is common with this group as 81 percent were planning to vacation this year and 59 percent attended a concert in the past 12 months. Some adults might put some budget towards discovering new hobbies, with 92 percent believing they can start a new hobby at any age.

Only about a third (34 percent) are caring for their own children or their parents -- but most are living in close proximity to their adult children (63 percent).

"Overall, these poll results confirm that the 'older' demographic is not viewing age as something negative -- yet the stereotypes and assumptions about this audience and their fears about aging still exist in almost every medium. This likely helps explain why Silver Disobedience which is pro living to the fullest at every age, continues to engage more people daily," Griesel observed. "As people continue to crave positive content that they can relate to, they are turning to outlets like Silver Disobedience daily, with nearly 75 percent of these respondents confirming that they read the blog at least five days a week via the website or social media. This movement continues to grow and it is time for brands to recognize that people are relevant, active, vocal and connected at any age."

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