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Farm And Field Direct Aims to Save Farms, Feed Families
Illinois Ag Connection - 06/26/2020

This week, Farm And Field Direct, Inc., the owner and brain behind the initiative, Dave Scott, launched in Pekin, Ill.

Scott said that the idea came as part of a grocery shopping run and the desire to help more members of the Illinois community stay safe and comfortable while getting every farm produce they need to live a healthy life.

At the announcement of the platform, the company's spokesperson added, "It came to me after I listened to a lady who had been shopping at one of the big box stores and they were out of bacon. She was commenting on how the meat cases were kind of low. I asked if she had been to Heritage Farmers Market, it's just two miles down the road. She had never heard of it."

Members of the community will now be able to access the online platform from the comfort of their homes or anywhere in the local area to help them find local farmers.

As Farm And Field Direct launches to raise awareness of local farmers' markets, the spokesperson for the platform further added, "At Farm & Field Direct, Inc., our mission can be summed up in four words: Saving Farms. Feeding Families. When you buy your meat and produce from the local farmers, you not only get the freshest options available for your family, but you also help to save a local farm. There is no food shortage, there is only a shortage of knowledge. Most shoppers don't know that, in most cases, just a few miles down the road, a local farmer has everything they need and want. We are on a mission to change that. Here, you will find farmers you can buy from directly, as well as local farmers' markets that offer an abundance of locally grown meats, produce, and dairy. So get to know your local farmers and farmers' markets and Bon Appetite locally!"

Farm And Field Direct's platform connects members of the community to farms specializing in locally grown pork, local breweries, locally grown produce, local wineries, locally grown beef, locally grown chicken, and more.

Farm And Field Direct is headquartered in Pekin

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