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Window of Opportunity for ’23 Dicamba Applications Closing in Illinois
Illinois Ag Connection - 05/29/2023

An agronomist says this coming week could be the last opportunity for Illinois soybean farmers to apply dicamba this season.

Karen Corrigan with McGillicuddy Corrigan Agronomics tells Brownfield the current dicamba label restricts application after the V4 growth stage or June 12th, whichever comes first.

β€œAnd I think most people are going to hit V4 a while before they hit June 12th. There might be small pockets where it could stretch out a little further, but I think most people are going to be at V4 pretty quick.”

She says dicamba also cannot be applied in Illinois when the forecasted high for the application time is 85 degrees or higher, which could become an issue before either of the deadlines.


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