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Illinois Agrichemical Container Recycling Program

Illinois Agrichemical Container Recycling Program

By Andi Anderson

The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) is spearheading a significant initiative to promote environmental responsibility within the farming community. Starting in mid-July and extending through August, various sites across the state will facilitate the collection of agrichemical containers for recycling purposes.

Director Jerry Costello II emphasizes the importance of this annual program, providing a convenient avenue for farmers and agrichemical facilities to dispose of empty pesticide containers responsibly. Instead of ending up in landfills, these containers can be repurposed to make shipping pallets.

To participate, ensure your containers meet the criteria: only high-density polyethylene, #2 plastic agrichemical containers are accepted. Clean and dry containers without caps, valves, metal, labels, booklets, or foil seals are eligible. Additionally, plastic drums must be prepared by cutting off the top and bottom and slicing the side from top to bottom.

While metal and household pesticide containers are excluded, Mini-Bulk and Intermediate Bulk containers can be recycled through specialized preparation methods. G. Phillips and Sons, LLC offers year-round collection services for these containers.

This collaborative effort involves various stakeholders including the Agriculture Container Recycling Council, GROWMARK, Inc., Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association, and more.

To learn more or obtain a free brochure about the program, call the Illinois Department of Agriculture at 1-800-641-3934. Take action now to contribute to a sustainable agricultural ecosystem.

Photo Credit: growmark

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