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House agriculture committee divided over farm bill

House agriculture committee divided over farm bill

By Jamie Martin

House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member David Scott voices concern over Chairman GT Thompson's farm bill draft, alleging potential cuts to food assistance and restrictions on farmer support.

Scott accuses Republicans of undermining food security and climate-smart agriculture initiatives by limiting USDA assistance during crises.

In contrast, the National Pork Producers Council lauds Thompson's draft for addressing industry concerns and engaging stakeholders in the policymaking process.

NPPC President Lori Stevermer applauds Thompson's responsiveness to agricultural challenges and emphasizes the importance of government collaboration with industry stakeholders.

Thompson's draft includes provisions addressing issues raised by California's Proposition 12 and preserving resources for foreign animal disease prevention, critical for ensuring food supply security.

The farm bill draft ignites debate within the House Agriculture Committee, reflecting broader ideological divides on agricultural policy and funding priorities.

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