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The Maschhoffs Honors Jansen with Core Values Award
Illinois Ag Connection - 05/27/2022

The company core values are how The Maschhoffs operate, collaborate, and identify. The below set of values serve as an authentic reflection of the company culture. They define how employees work with one another, care for the animals, engage with the community, and serve customers.

People & Partners - We value and respect our employees and partners.

Good Animal Husbandry & Sustainability - We are committed to providing the best care of our animals and the environment.

Innovation - We are dedicated to business innovation and continued improvement through knowledge and discipline.

Customer Focus - We strive to continually exceed the expectations of our customers.

Randy Bowman, general manager of the Great Plains Region, notes that Tricia is truly multi-dimensional with our team. She challenges people to hit production and financial targets, she supports the needs and request of the team, and she forces us to communicate in a fashion that uses the tools we have learned through our leadership development.

"Tricia embodies our core values. She truly has an admiration about people and is encouraging to everyone she encounters," Dr. Bradley Wolter illustrates. "She surfaces new ideas, challenges change management and provides leadership across the entire company.

Jeff Mahoney, General Manager of the Central Prairie Region, notes that she is exactly what our company core values stand for. She cares about the people alongside the ability to challenge the process when not held to a defined standard. She knows how to work across the organization to get the most out of each individual and position every team to be successful.

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