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New leaders elected for pork board

New leaders elected for pork board

By Andi Anderson

This week marks a new chapter for the National Pork Board (NPB) as they welcome a fresh set of leaders for the 2024-2025 term.

The NPB has introduced its new board members and officers, officially commencing their duties under the guidance of the USDA.

Al Wulfekuhle from Iowa steps in as President, with Gordon Spronk from Minnesota serving as Vice President, and Alayne Johnson from Indiana taking over as Treasurer.

The position of Past President will be held by Bob Ruth from Pennsylvania. These leaders are set to propel the NPB’s mission forward, concentrating on key areas such as sustainability, pork production enhancement, animal health and welfare, and boosting consumer demand for pork products.

The board, a producer-led entity comprising 15 dedicated members, will see these new officials start their official terms on July 1.

The new appointees include Jesse Heimer from Missouri, Dr. Seth Krantz from Tennessee, Kevin Rasmussen from Iowa, and Pat Bane from Illinois, all serving three-year terms. Bob Ruth will also continue his contribution with a one-year term.

This renewal in leadership is part of the NPB’s ongoing efforts to adapt to the evolving demands of the market and address the pressing issues facing the pork industry today.

Sustainability remains a top priority, as the board aims to integrate environmentally friendly practices and innovative technologies to maintain the pork sector’s viability and efficiency.

With these changes, the NPB is positioning itself to tackle future challenges and opportunities, ensuring that the pork industry remains competitive and continues to meet the expectations of producers and consumers alike.

As these leaders take their positions, the NPB reaffirms its commitment to promoting the welfare and success of the pork industry, making significant steps towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

Photo Credit: istock-srdjan-stepic

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