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Join the AgMazing race in Illinois

Join the AgMazing race in Illinois

By Andi Anderson

Prepare for a journey of discovery and competition with the AgMazing Race, organized by the IAA Foundation to support agricultural literacy programs in Illinois.

Set for August 3 in Jersey and Calhoun Counties, this event promises a day filled with exploration, education, and excitement.

Participants will form teams to navigate a carefully designed course that showcases the rich agricultural heritage of Illinois.

Upon receiving a map on the race day, teams will plot their course to various agricultural stops where they will engage in unique challenges and learn about local farming practices.

Highlights of the race include a visit to Odelehr’s Roadside Market, where participants can sample and learn about homemade agricultural products. Another stop, Fritz Meat and Processing, offers a hands-on challenge with the Meat Cut Matching game.

Historical enthusiasts will appreciate a visit to Hamilton Primary School, a landmark in educational history as the first free and integrated school in the U.S.

In addition to exploring and learning, teams can fundraise before the event to unlock helpful hints for the race day, enhancing their chances of winning.

Prizes are awarded not just for racing prowess but also for efforts in fundraising and team spirit.

The funds raised through the AgMazing Race will directly support programs like Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom (IATC) and other initiatives aimed at fostering agricultural knowledge among students and the community.

These programs are crucial for nurturing future generations' understanding and appreciation of agriculture.

Local farm bureau managers from Jersey and Calhoun Counties, Macy Wellhausen and Jane Brangenberg, have played a crucial role in selecting engaging locations and challenges that highlight the diversity and innovation in Illinois agriculture.

Registration for the event is open until July 15, with a team fee of $250, which includes a full day of activities, a celebratory dinner, and an awards presentation.

For those coming from out of town, accommodation is arranged at Pere Marquette in Grafton, with reservations available through the IAA Foundation by July 1.

This event is more than just a race; it's an opportunity to connect with the land, learn about sustainable agricultural practices, and contribute to a vital cause.

Sign up now to be part of Illinois' agricultural showcase and support the education of future farm leaders.

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