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Illinois reports strong crop progress and conditions

Illinois reports strong crop progress and conditions

By Andi Anderson

This week, Illinois farmers experienced a substantial stretch of good weather, aiding in crop progress and maintenance. The state enjoyed 4.7 days suitable for fieldwork, according to the latest reports from the Illinois Field Office.

The weather conditions, featuring an average temperature of 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit, were 2.4 degrees above the usual for this time of the year, which has played a beneficial role in crop development.

Precipitation levels were slightly lower than normal, with an average of 0.66 inches falling, about 0.23 inches below the expected average. This did not significantly impact the moisture levels necessary for crop growth.

Topsoil moisture was reported as 10 percent short, 72 percent adequate, and 18 percent surplus, while subsoil moisture followed closely with 8 percent short, 75 percent adequate, and 17 percent surplus.

In terms of crop statistics, corn planting is nearly complete at 93 percent, slightly above the five-year average of 92 percent.

Corn emergence also showed positive results at 87 percent, compared to the five-year average of 85 percent. The overall corn condition was favorable, with 56 percent rated as good and 18 percent as excellent.

Soybeans also showed strong progress with 87 percent planted, surpassing the five-year average of 84 percent.

Soybeans emerged at 69 percent, slightly below the average of 71 percent, the condition of the crops remained robust with 56 percent good and 13 percent excellent.

Winter wheat harvesting began earlier than usual with 6 percent already harvested, compared to only 1 percent expected now.

The condition of the winter wheat was largely positive with 61 percent rated good and 16 percent excellent.

These statistics illustrate a promising start to the season for Illinois agriculture, with most crops thriving under the current conditions.

The state's farmers continue to monitor their fields closely, hoping the favorable weather persists and supports the ongoing growth and eventual harvest of their crops.

This week's report highlights the resilience and adaptability of the agricultural sector amidst varying weather conditions.

Photo Credit: minnesota-corn-growers-association

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