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Illinois Farm Families Campaign Wins National Recognition

Illinois Farm Families Campaign Wins National Recognition

By Andi Anderson

In a recent national accolade, the "We Are the 96%" campaign, spearheaded by Illinois Farm Families (IFF), has been recognized at the 2024 National Agri-Marketing Association AgriMarketing Conference.

The campaign’s 30-second commercial, first aired during the Super Bowl 2023, won the Best of Show award in the consumer category, underscoring the creative and impactful approach taken to highlight the role of family farms in modern agriculture.

The campaign sets itself apart by cleverly depicting a family farm as a corporation, assigning roles like "Procurement" to a farmer's young child and "Human Resources" to the family dog.

This light-hearted comparison serves to debunk common misconceptions that family farming has been wholly replaced by corporate agriculture. The ad emphasizes that 96 percent of farms in Illinois remain family-operated, challenging public perceptions with a mix of humor and reality.

The campaign creatively featured 25 family farms from across Illinois, showcasing everyday activities that resonate with non-farming audiences. This strategy not only bridges the gap between rural and urban perceptions but also strengthens community ties through shared values and common experiences.

IFF’s efforts extend beyond this single campaign. The coalition, consisting of several commodity groups and agricultural associations, actively engages with non-farm audiences across Illinois. Their programs, which often take place in Chicago, aim to foster greater trust in farmers and understanding of sustainable farming practices.

The success of the "We Are the 96%" campaign has also been recognized in other categories at the awards, including first place for consumer-facing social media and a consumer-facing ad element, along with merit awards for their website and a behind-the-scenes video. This suite of accolades not only highlights the campaign’s comprehensive approach but also the collaborative effort behind it.

Overall, the recognition at the National Agri-Marketing Conference celebrates the dedication of Illinois Farm Families to advocating for the farming community and enhancing public understanding of agricultural practices.

This national acknowledgment not only honors the campaign's quality and effectiveness but also reinforces the importance of family farms to the agriculture industry's future.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-zoran-zeremski

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