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Illinois Pork Producers Donate Big in Fight Against Hunger
Illinois Ag Connection - 12/04/2023

The "Pork Power: Partnering to Fight Hunger in Illinois" campaign has marked one of its final significant contributions for 2023 by donating ground pork to the Midwest Food Bank. This donation, part of a broader initiative involving the Illinois Pork Producers Association (IPPA) and various partners, supports the food bank's distribution of almost $34 million worth of food monthly to over 2,200 non-profits.

IPPA board representative and pig farmer Pat Bane, alongside IL Corn Director John Klemm and representatives from the Illinois Soybean Association, the Illinois Association of Meat Processors, ISU Redbird Sports Properties, and Steidinger Foods, assembled at the Midwest Food Bank in Normal, IL to make this impactful donation.

Pat Bane expressed pride in the Illinois pork community's commitment to supporting those in need, highlighting that the Pork Power program has provided over 3.3 million servings of pork since 2008. Matt Moran of ISU Redbird Sports Properties also acknowledged IPPA's role in bringing additional excitement to football games while supporting the community through the "Points for Protein" campaign.

In 2023, the IPPA, with its partners, has donated about 50,000 pounds of ground pork to 9 regional food banks. Todd Main from the Illinois Soybean Association praised this effort, emphasizing the agricultural community's dedication to feeding not only the world but also local communities.

John Klemm of IL Corn emphasized the importance of this program to the farming community, noting its role in providing essential nutrition to neighboring families.

As the year concludes, IPPA converts remaining funds into ground pork, distributing it among regional food banks. The Midwest Food Bank received 6,000 lbs. of pork from Steidinger Foods, supplemented by 600 pounds from the ISU Redbirds campaign, which donated 20 pounds of pork for every home touchdown scored by the team.

Aimee Beam, executive director of Midwest Food Bank, expressed gratitude for the collaboration, highlighting the significant impact of the 33,000 servings of pork donated on combating food insecurity. This initiative exemplifies the power of partnership and community in addressing hunger challenges.

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