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Illinois Nut Growers Association Hosts Spring Meeting in Aviston

Illinois Nut Growers Association Hosts Spring Meeting in Aviston

By Andi Anderson

The Illinois Nut Growers Association is gearing up to host its much-anticipated spring meeting on April 28 in Aviston. Nut enthusiasts, growers, and anyone interested in nut cultivation are invited to join this informative event, which promises valuable insights and engaging discussions.

Kicking off the meeting at 10 a.m. is guest speaker Chris Evans, a distinguished Forester from the University of Illinois. Evans will share his expertise on a range of topics related to forestry, including timber management, invasive species, and recommended tree varieties for sustainable long-term harvesting.

Registration for the meeting opens at 9 a.m., giving attendees the opportunity to mingle and enjoy coffee and donuts before the proceedings begin. Ralph Voss, a respected pecan farmer from southern Illinois, encourages participants to bring any questions they may have, assuring them that the knowledgeable community will strive to provide answers or connect them with experts.

Voss elaborates that while the primary focus will be on chestnuts, pecans, and black walnuts, the discussion will encompass a broader spectrum of nut species, ensuring relevance and inclusivity for all attendees.

Following the informative session, attendees will gather for a potluck lunch, where everyone is encouraged to contribute a dish to share. Additionally, attendees are invited to bring items for attendance and giveaway prizes, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among nut growers and enthusiasts.

The meeting will take place at John and Nancy Huelsmann’s barn, located at 6801 Striker Road in Aviston. Both members and the general public are welcome to attend this enriching event.

Membership to the Illinois Nut Growers Association is open to all interested individuals for a nominal fee of $10. The association convenes twice a year, providing ample opportunities for networking, learning, and sharing experiences in the fascinating world of nut cultivation.

For further details or inquiries, interested individuals can contact 618-594-4122 or email Join the Illinois Nut Growers Association for an enlightening and enjoyable spring meeting in Aviston!

Photo Credit: istock-blackjack3d

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