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Sorghum Checkoff Celebrates 10th Anniversary
USAgNet - 03/12/2018

The Sorghum Checkoff kicks off its 10-year anniversary celebration with growers at Commodity Classic Feb 27 - March 1. This year, the Sorghum Checkoff reflects on a decade of advancements in sorghum genetics and breeding, market expansion, increased research efforts and educational resource development and distribution.

"The Sorghum Checkoff was originally started so collectively it could do what individually the groups that existed at the time could not," said Tim Lust, Sorghum Checkoff CEO. "The industry at that point in time had significant needs from a research and development standpoint, and the Sorghum Checkoff was an avenue to accomplish these goals and carry out the work needed to improve the industry."

The Sorghum Checkoff received an independent study recently that shows the organization has had a positive impact on sorghum yields, acreage and farm value, illustrating a positive return on producer investment. Funding in crop improvement successfully boosted the average acreage and farm value of production since the Sorghum Checkoff launched, and for every dollar invested in crop improvement, the net return to producers was $8.57.

The study also showed combined investments in high-value markets and renewables enhanced the farm value of sorghum sales by near $107.4 million, providing a net return to the producer in this area of nearly $11.60.

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