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Cherry Growers Vote to Renew Check-Off Program
USAgNet - 05/29/2020

U.S. tart cherry growers and processors narrowly voted to renew the Federal Marketing Order last week. The FMO passed with 53 percent of growers and 57 percent of processors in favor.

The FMO is an agreement between growers and processors to withhold a set amount of tart cherries each year from the market and store them in reserves to keep the fruit's price from falling too low. They also agree to pool resources for communal marketing campaigns run by the Cherry Marketing Institute.

This year's vote was much closer than previous referendums. The FMO was renewed in 2014 with 76 and 74 percent of grower and processor votes respectively, and has generally passed with 70-80 percent of those votes. But lately more farmers are frustrated with the order as the industry is undercut by cheaper foreign competitors.

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