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BASF Innovates Agriculture
Illinois Ag Connection - 09/15/2023

Agriculture's progress is intertwined with technology, and BASF is leading the way in advancing the industry. At the recent Farm Progress Show, an Illinois soybean grower shared how his average yield had surged from 60 bushels per acre (bpa) to 70 bpa in just three years, thanks to BASF's innovative technology.

Scott Kay, Vice President of U.S. Agricultural Solutions at BASF, emphasized their unwavering commitment to introducing even more cutting-edge technology to farms. He stated, "Every day your listeners wake up, BASF has invested $3 million into research and development, which is 11% of our earnings. We're highly committed. We'll launch some 25 new products over the next five years to back up that claim."

BASF's commitment spans various agricultural aspects, from soybean seed technology to crop protection. Among the 25 upcoming product launches, 10 will be novel herbicides. Kay explained the necessity for such innovation, saying, "Mother Nature is really in the driver's seat if we don't do things differently and change up our chemistry. In the last 10 years, farmers had to spend almost double to control weeds. So, there's more applications, stronger technology needed, and BASF is highly committed to that. This coming year we'll launch a product called Surtain, a corn herbicide, that will have both pre and post capabilities and is a residual technology."

BASF anticipates the registration of Surtain later this year, with a commercial launch scheduled for 2024. Kay encourages farmers to consult their local retailers about Surtain and other BASF products, as well as explore financing options through John Deere Finance from BASF, which offers attractive interest rates starting as low as 1.9%. BASF's dedication to innovation promises a brighter and more productive future for agriculture.

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