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Agriculture United - Sioux Falls, SD
Developed through a collaboration of farm organizations with a goal of keeping family farms growing.

Almosta Ranch Maple Store - Marshfield, WI
Almosta Ranch has produced homemade, award winning, pure maple syrup.

Association of Women in Agriculture - UW Madison - Madison, WI
To improve communication among women in agriculture and for the general betterment of agriculture.

Badger Dairy Club - Madison, WI
Creating opportunities to engage in activities and experiences within the college, community and the ever progressing dairy industry.

Dairy Business Association - Oneida, WI
To Promote the Growth and Success of all Dairy Farms in Wisconsin by Fostering a Positive Business and Political Environment.

Farmers' Legal Action Group - St. Paul, MN
A nonprofit law center dedicated to providing legal services to family farmers and their rural communities.

Hoosier Energy - Bloomington, IN
A generation & transmission cooperative providing wholesale electric power and services electric distribution cooperatives.

Hormel Foods - Austin, MN
A multinational manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, brand-name food and meat products for consumers throughout the world.

Illinois Agriculture Vision - Chicago, IL
Identifying and developing strategies that will enhance and grow the competitiveness of Illinois food and fiber industry.

Illinois Corn - Chicago, IL
A combination group of Illinois Corn Growers Association, Illinois Corn Marketing Board and National Corn Growers Associated.

Illinois Farm Bureau - Bloomington, IL
To improve the economic well-being of agriculture and enrich the quality of farm family life.

Illinois Pork Association - Springfield, IL
An agricultural trade association representing more than 4,000 pork producers throughout Illinois.

Illinois Soybean Association - Bloomington, IL
The Illinois Soybean Association and the Illinois Soybean Checkoff work together to serve the needs of soybean growers in Illinois.

Indiana Corn Growers Association - Indianapolis, IN
Joining together to promote the development of Indiana’s corn industry.

Indiana Farm Bureau - Indianapolis, IN
To be an effective advocate for farmers & through its policies and programs, promote agriculture & improve the economic & social welfare of families.

Indiana Farmers Union - Mooresville, IN
Committed to enhancing the quality of life for Hoosier family farmers, rural communities and consumers.

Indiana Pork - Zionsville, IN
Achieving our unified mission based on the unique member perspectives, resources, and mission of each organization.

Indiana Soybean Alliance - Indianapolis, IN
Working to improve the viability of Indiana soybean farmers and industry partners.

Indiana State Board of Animal Health - Indianapolis, IN
Our mission to prevent and suppress contagious and infectious diseases among the livestock.

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources - Lincoln, NE
Focuses its research, teaching and extension education expertise in agriculture to help Nebraska grow to a responsible future.

Iowa Biodiesel Board - Urbandale, IA
Representing the biodiesel industry in Iowa, from production through distribution. IBB promotes the commercial success of biodiesel in Iowa.

Iowa Cattlemen's Association - Ames, IA
To provide its members the opportunity to enhance and further develop the beef industry in the state of Iowa and the nation.

Iowa Corn - Johnston, IA
Creating opportunities for Long-Term Iowa Corn Grower Profitability

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation - West Des Moines, IA
Reflecting the values of Iowans and its members and holding true to its mission of helping farm families prosper.

Iowa Farmers Union - Des Moines, IA
Iowa Farmers Union promotes rural economic & cooperative development by supporting existing, new agricultural co-ops and other rural businesses.

Iowa Pork Producers Association - Clive, IA
To provide a unified voice to promote and educate for a sustainable socially responsible and globally competitive Pork Industry.

Iowa Soybean Association - Urbandale, IA
Expanding profit opportunities while promoting environmentally sensible production.

Kansas Farm Bureau - Manhattan, KS
Dedicated to improving the quality of our lives and the lives of those who depend on us.

Kansas Farmers Union - McPherson, KS
The success and credibility of the organization has been Farmers Union’s grassroots structure in which policy positions are initiated locally.

Kansas Livestock Association - Wichita, KS
Representing the state’s multi-billion dollar cattle industry at both the state and federal levels.

Kansas Pork Association - Manhattan, KS
Determine research and producer educational opportunities that will help alleviate the increasing costs of producing pork.

Kansas Soybean Assocation - Topeka, KS
To serve as the voice and advocate for soybean producer members.

Kansas Soybean Commission - Topeka, KS
Improving the profitability of Kansas's soybean producers.

Kansas Wheat - Manhattan, KS
A voluntary member-governed organization representing wheat growers in planning legislation, advising government and international agencies.

Kellogg Company - Battle Creek, MI
Kellogg products, one of which –Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®– has been part of a healthy, delicious morning for a century.

Kentucky Corn Growers Association - Eastwood, KY
To be an innovative organization that provides dividends, benefits and services that meet the needs of our producers and members.

Kentucky Farm Bureau - Louisville, KY
A voluntary organization of farm families dedicated to identifying problems, developing solutions and taking actions.

Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association - Eastwood, KY
A not-for-profit organization that was initiated in the late 1980's to help small grain (wheat and barley) producers in Kentucky improve their profitability.

Kentucky Soybean Board - Princeton, KY
To continue investing checkoff dollars to create opportunities for increased profitability.

Land Stewardship Project - White Bear Lake, MN
Fostering an ethic of stewardship for farmland, promotes sustainable agriculture and to develop sustainable communities.

Michigan Apples - DeWitt, MI
A quasi-governmental organization dedicated to improving the profitability of Michigan's fresh and processed apple industries.

Michigan Corn Growers - DeWitt, MI
A legislatively-established statewide program that utilizes one cent per bushel of corn grown in Michigan and sold.

Michigan Farm Bureau - Lansing, MI
To represent, protect, and enhance the business, economic, social and educational interests of our members.

Michigan Pork Producers Association - Holt, MI
Formed in 1969 and became an affiliate member of the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) at that time.

Michigan Soybean Checkoff - Frankenmuth, MI
To maximize the overall profitability of soybean growers and to promote soybean industry's role in a strong public image of agriculture.

Minnesota Association of Cooperatives - St. Paul, MN
Developing an alliance to revitalize cooperative and business education.

Minnesota Corn Growers Assocation - Shakopee, MN
Keep you up to date with news and information about Corn and its renewable resources.

Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation - Eagan, MN
Serves and supports members by improving the quality of life and promoting the free enterprise system through education and legislation.

Minnesota Farmers Union - St. Paul, MN
Working to protect and enhance the economic interests and quality of life of family farmers and ranchers and rural communities.

Minnesota Soybean - Mankato, MN
Investment of soybean checkoff dollars in intl. and domestic marketing programs, R&D projects, etc, to increase the profitability of soybean production.

Missouri Agribusiness Association - Jefferson City, MO
A voluntary trade association governed by a twenty-six member board of directors who work closely with an number of standing committees.

Missouri Corn Growers Association - Jefferson City, MO
Taking great pride in working hand-in-hand with Missouri growers to increase the profitability of corn production.

Missouri Farm Bureau - Jefferson City, MO
The state's most effective organization working to improve the quality of life for farmers, rural Missouri and all Missourians.

Missouri Farmers Union - Jefferson City, MO
To protect & enhance the economic interests, way of life of family farmers and ranchers, and the rural communities they represent.

Missouri Pork Association - Columbia, MO
Enhance and optimize opportunities while eliminating or minimizing barriers for the success of pork producers & other industry stakeholders.

Missouri Soybean Association - Jefferson City, MO
A statewide membership organization providing a collective voice in representing interests specific to the Missouri soybean producer.

MN Turkey Growers Association - Buffalo, MN
Dedicated to fostering a successful MN turkey industry and its ability to make positive contributions to everyone.

National Chicken Council - Washington, DC
A full-service trade association that promotes and protects the interests of the chicken industry.

National Pork Board - Des Moines, IA
The National Pork Board harnesses the resources of all producers to capture opportunity, address challenges and satisfy customers.

NationalAssociation of Wheat Growers - Washington, DC
A nonprofit partnership of U.S. wheat growers combining their strengths, voices & ideas, working to ensure a better future.

Nebraska Corn Board - Lincoln, NE
To develop, carry out and participate in enhancing profitability, expand the demand & value of Nebraska corn, and value-added corn products.

Nebraska Corn Growers Association - Lincoln, NE
Committed to enhance and expand the use, marketing and efficient production of corn that will benefit the Nebraska corn producer.

Nebraska Ethanol Board - Lincoln, NE
An invaluable resource to communities wishing to attract an ethanol plant—and to developers who are looking to locate an ethanol plant in the state.

Nebraska Farm Bureau - Lincoln, NE
Farmers and ranchers who belong to Farm Bureau raise various livestock species and grow a variety of crops from sugarbeets to soybeans.

Nebraska Farmers Union - Lincoln, NE
Dedicated to protecting & enhancing the quality of life and economic well-being of farmers, ranchers and their rural communities.

Nebraska Pork Producers Association - Lincoln, NE
To communicate opportunities within the pork industry that will encourage profitability and sustainability of Nebraska's producers of pork.

Nebraska Soybean Assocation - Lincoln, NE
A non-profit membership organization organized in 1969 which works toward the goal of improving soybean profitability!

Nebraska Soybean Board - Lincoln, NE
A private, non-profit checkoff board that is responsible for the research and promotion of soybeans.

New York Pork Producers - Waterloo, NY
To enhance & promote the profitable production of high quality pork, to increase consumption of pork products & to promote environmental stewardship.

No-Till On The Plains - Wamego, KS
A non-profit educational organization providing information to farmers on adopting no-till and other sustainable production methods.

North Dakota Agricultural Association - Fargo, ND
To improve the agri-business communities, we serve by representing timely and innovative education, safety, and legislative efforts.

North Dakota Farm Bureau - Fargo, ND
To be an advocate and catalyst for policies and programs that will improve the financial well-being and quality of life for its members

North Dakota Farmers Union - Jamestown, ND
Working through the political process to benefit farmers, ranchers and rural communities.

North Dakota Soybean Council - Fargo, ND
Oversees a soybean research program based on farmer priorities to ensure that research remains focused on the challenges farmers face today.

North Dakota Wheat Commission - Bismarck, ND
Creating worldwide market opportunities and influencing international import and export policies.

NY Corn Growers Association - Honeoye Falls, NY
Providing you with Market Calls and Commentary

NY Farm Bureau - Albany, NY
The purpose of solving economic and public policy issues challenging the agriculture industry.

Ohio Corn Growers Association - Marion, OH
To facilitate opportunities for Ohio corn growers, and represent you in forums that impact your livelihood.

Ohio Farm Bureau - Columbus, OH
Working on legislation, regulations, and issues which affect agriculture, rural areas, and Ohio citizens in general.

Ohio Pork Producers Council - Columbus, OH
To serve and benefit members in areas of service, legislative & environmental issues, consumer &producer education, and market development.

Ohio Soybean Council - Columbus, OH
To maximize the profitability of soybean checkoff funds in targeted domestic & intl research, promotion and communication initiatives.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau - Camp Hill, PA
A general farm organization providing legislative support, services and information to Pennsylvania's farmers and rural families since 1950

Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin - Fox Lake, WI
Our mission is: "to share ideas, solutions, resources and experiences that help dairy producers succeed."

Ridgedale Farm - Registered Holsteins - Sharon Springs, NY
Registered Holsteins; Numerous embryos are available at all times.

South Dakota Corn - Sioux Falls, SD
Combining Corn Utilization and Corn Growers to bring you up-to-date news, information and resources regarding South Dakota corn.

South Dakota Farm Bureau - Huron, SD
The purpose of analyzing problems and formulating action to achieve education improvements, etc, to promote the national well being.

South Dakota Farmers Union - Huron, SD
Everything Farmers Union does as an organization relates to education, legislation and cooperation.

South Dakota Pork Producers Council - Sioux Falls, SD
Funded with both Checkoff and Non-Checkoff dollars, our primary expenditures are for research, education, information and legislative issues.

South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council - Sioux Falls, SD
To coordinate soybean production research efforts on a regional level.

The Center for Rural Pennsylvania - Harrisburg, PA
Working with government agencies to maximize resources and strategies that can better serve Pennsylvania's 3.4 million rural residents.

The Kansas Corn Growers Association - Garnett, KS
Works with other commodity and farm organizations to maximize the voice of Kansas corn producers.

The Pennsylvania Corn Growers Association - , PA
Promoting Corn Production and Utilization in Pennsylvania.

U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc. - Hutchinson, KS
U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc. is an association of professional custom harvesters, serving the needs of the American farmer.

University of Illinois Extension - Urbana, IL
Offering educational programs to residents of all of Illinois’ 102 counties – and far beyond.

Wisconsin Agri-Business Association - Madison, WI
Performs legislative, regulatory leadership, representation, and building relationships of trust between staffs and legislators.

Wisconsin Agribusiness Council - Madison, WI
A statewide trade association for agribusinesses who protect, promote, and support WI agricultural industry.

Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Assocation - Waterloo, WI
Founded in 1993, for the purpose of education, promoting and stimulating interest in agricultural tourism in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Apple Growers Association - Waterloo, WI
WAGA believes Wisconsin apples are the best in the world due to climatic conditions, unique varieties, quality and commitment by the growers.

Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors, Inc. - Bloomington, WI
The organizations main purpose is working for the benefit and protection of small and medium sized meat firms.

Wisconsin Beef Council's Inc. - Madison, WI
Developed a variety of topics that provide simple, balanced lifestyle changes to help those get through the day and feel better about themselves.

Wisconsin Berry Growers Association - Madison, WI
Dedicated to the production and promotion of Wisconsin strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association - Beetown, WI
Working with the community for the cattle producers.

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association - Madison, WI
Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association gives voice to Wisconsin dairy processors on national and state issues that impact our businesses.

Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association - Portage, WI
Serving the public by providing accurate information about real Christmas trees.

Wisconsin Corn Programs - Palmyra, WI
Your one-stop to Wisconsin Corn News

Wisconsin Custom Operators Association, Inc. - Deforest, WI
An organization comprised of individuals throughout the WI who derive their income from providing custom farming services.

Wisconsin Emu Association - Brodhead, WI
A member driven community dedicated to developing structural support and visionary leadership for the emu industry.

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation - Madison, WI
The Wisconsin Farm Bureau is the state's largest general farm organization representing the needs and interests of all farmers for all commodities.

Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association - Oconto Falls, WI
The Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association helps support the programs and activities of the 16,000+ FFA members in the state.

Wisconsin FFA Association - Spencer, WI
WI FFA Association makes a positive difference in the lives of its members through premier leadership, personal growth and career success.

Wisconsin Fresh Market Vegetable Growers Association - Waterloo, WI
Your source for finding the freshest vegetables grown near you!

Wisconsin Holstein Association - Baraboo, WI
Improving, promoting, and securing the best interests possible for breeders and owners of the Holsteins.

Wisconsin Honey Producers Association - , WI
Protect the honey producing industry of Wisconsin from policies and environmental changes that will negatively affect honey production.

Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium - Verona, WI
A multi-species effort let by Wisconsin's livestock and industry organization to implement an animal identification and information system.

Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board - Madison, WI
Funded by WI dairy producers, WMMB's programs and resources focus on increasing demand for products made from Wisconsin's raw milk.

Wisconsin Pork Association - Lancaster, WI
Wisconsin Pork Association is the source for representing the state's pork industry.

Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association - Antigo, WI
Provides grower education, government support and consumer education for the 147-grower organization.

Wisconsin Red Cherry Growers, Inc. - Egg Harbor, WI
Primary producers of Wisconsin red tart cherries.

Wisconsin Soybean Association - Madison, WI
Working to build valuable relationships between growers throughout Wisconsin while focusing on the promotion of Wisconsin soybeans.

Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association - Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Nation’s leader in cranberry farming and produces more than 300 million pounds of fruit annually

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